28-29 April 2021

The people we don’t see. The voices we don’t hear. Who are the real humanitarians?

 A pandemic, a climate crisis, and a global movement for racial equality, freedom, justice and the end of white supremacy. The consequences of inaction have never been more dangerous or more real.

The Centre for Humanitarian Leadership’s 2021 Humanitarian Leadership Conference will be an important event to interrogate what a genuinely transformed humanitarian system can look like based on economic, environmental and political justice for affected communities. Where the affected communities, local organisations, the business community and their national governments are the ‘humanitarians’.

The 2021 Humanitarian Leadership Conference will work to determine where change is needed and what a reshaping of the humanitarian ecosystem might look like, from the actors involved and ways of working to the very definition of what constitutes a humanitarian crisis.


The Conference will challenge traditional humanitarian systems, actors, and perceptions with discussions on:

  • Decolonising the humanitarian ecosystem
  • Leadership in a world of upheaval and crisis
  • Transformative ways of working
  • The political economy of aid and solidarity.


Get involved

Submissions to participate in the 2021 Humanitarian Leadership Conference are now open.

The Centre for Humanitarian Leadership wants to hear from all voices from the humanitarian system to help answer: Who are the humanitarians?

They’re inviting submissions that are engaging, insightful and disruptive, and adaptive to the digital environment.

Submissions are open until 15 January 2021

Full details are available on the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership’s website, and please get in touch with their events team if you would like to discuss your idea.