Adeso is an expanding and vibrant African-based international development and humanitarian organization.

We believe in a more equitable and locally-led aid system where local Non-Governmental Organizations and other local actors from the Global South are directly shaping the humanitarian agenda.
Over the last three decades, Adeso has helped unleash the power of individuals and communities in Africa so they can live productive and self-sufficient lives.

Informed by community-focused work, Adeso aims to transform the global humanitarian and development infrastructure by addressing inequalities and resource deficits impacting civil society from the Global South. Adeso has implemented numerous and impactful direct programs in Somalia, South Sudan and Kenya. We have made an intentional decision to implement direct programs only in Somalia now.

Over the last five years, Adeso has concurrently implemented direct programs in Somalia and taken on a global leadership role in decolonizing the current aid system.

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