The Journey

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“I am a businesswoman who can contribute to her family now.”

Adeso, together, with Avaaz Foundation, have been supporting 1110 of the most vulnerable households from the villages of Badhan in the Sanaag region of Somalia, with two months of multipurpose cash transfers of $85.  We targeted the most vulnerable groups such as child-headed and women-headed homes, IDPs, refugees and agro-pastoralists. The targeted population have experienced various crises, including displacement due to conflicts and climate change.

Since 20 April 2020, heavy rains have caused havoc in the area, with floods that devastated most of Somalia’s territories, affecting at least 546,103 people and displacing over 216,895 people across the country (OCHA, Somalia: Flash Flooding Update #4, As of 11 May 2020). Floods are a recurring event in Somalia during the GU rainy season. Recently, the rains have been more severe than in previous years.  Also, crops have been heavily affected by the locust infestations which slowers their growth thus affecting the harvesting season. Both the heavy rainfall and locusts have caused alarming issues, and Adeso has acted decisively to step in to help the most vulnerable.

As a result, Adeso selected 1110 vulnerable households who are recipients of cash transfers through Inclusive Community-Based Targeting (ICBT) methodology. The support is an effort to contribute in lessening the pressure to adopt negative coping strategies as well as assisting in meeting the family’s basic needs such as replacement/repairing of damaged essentials such as the farms and crops. The cash further allows affected households to recover from losses suffered due to the locust infestation outbreak, floods and drought.

Racwi, one of the affected person and a recipient of the project, is a 46 year-old, widow, who lives with her 9 children in Badhan.  The family migrated from Masha’alled, a small village about 60 kilometers from Badhan, after the area was devastated by severe droughts, there water scarcity which led to depletion of pastureland, which in turn increased food insecurity and high livestock mortality. Racwi and her family lost all of their property, which forced them to relocate to Badhan for a better life.

Racwi’s late husband had some farming skills which became handy when they relocated to Badhan. The husband used to do a small scale farming of cultivating the land and planting crops during the rainy seasons. He faced many challenges such as birds and other wild animals that ate up his crops.  When the harvesting season came, he used to sell his produce in the nearby market in order to pay back debts and support his family. Unfortunately, the husband died on a road accident while on his way to the markets to sell the crops. From that moment on, the family struggled to make ends meet until Adeso and Avaaz Foundation came with the multipurpose cash transfer.

 Just to give flashback on how life was before Adeso supported them, Racwi said,” In order to survive, my family had to reduce mealtimes, send some of my children to relatives, borrow food from local traders and neighbors, drink dirty water and eat less expensive food. And also keep children from going to school as we cannot afford their fees. It was the only option”

Since being selected by Village Relief Committee (VRC)) to receive unconditional cash transfers implemented by Adeso and funded by AVAAZ Foundation, Racwi’s family life has changed. With the cash transfer she received on the first round, she spent 50% of $85 which equals to $42.5 to buy food and pay the debt and saved the other 50%($42.5). On the second round of the cash transfer which was also $85, she used 40%($34) to buy food and pay fees. The remaining 60%($51) plus the saved 50%($42.5) of the first round she used as capital to start her own business-a small shop (as seen on the above photo) in front of her home. She is very optimistic that it will become a lucrative business in the future.


“I am very happy now because I am a businesswoman who can contribute to her family, have three, meals a day and avoid debts. I can also save some small amount for my children fees. In the future ahead I look forward to becoming a remunerative business and expand my business. Much appreciations to Adeso.