Podcast at The New Humanitarian’s Rethinking Humanitarianism

19 October 2022

With special guest: Degan Ali


Is decolonized aid even achievable within our current global governance system?

On the latest episode of Rethinking Humanitarianism, host Heba Aly discusses these tensions with one of the leaders of the movement to decolonise aid, Degan Ali, Executive Director of Adeso.


“There is no real intent and desire to lift people out of poverty in the Global South and make these countries sovereign, independent, equal members of the global trade system, and that’s trading just like everybody else, that is, has a very robust economic system. That’s not the intention and desire of the aid system. The intention that the aid architecture is to continue that these former colonies are still dependent on you. And that’s what aid is about.” 

says Degan Ali, Adeso’s Executive Director.

Listen to the podcast following this link.