Fadumo stands in front of a mangrove field

Fadumo is a Mangrove Volunteer who lives on the coast in Durduri, Somalia. She and other local members of the Mangrove Association are working hand in hand with Adeso to plant different species of trees. We want to rehabilitate and strengthen the mangroves after her community was hit by heavy floods that eroded the quality soil needed for agriculture there.

She has attended many of Adeso’s trainings.  Our trainings are designed to empower community members with strategies to maintain conservation efforts and increase knowledge of climate adaptation strategies and disaster preparedness.

“We planted 230 trees of mangrove, dhamas and other different trees we believe will reduce the risk of floods and help with the recovery of the environment. There has been much training about the protection of our environment and awareness messaging regarding charcoal burning via radio messaging and local training and this has encouraged us to not only stop charcoal burning but also encourage planting throughout the community.” Fadumo shares.

Climate Change has been at the forefront of news from around the world. And the most affected communities are typically the poorest. As the world looks to Glasgow and the United Nations Climate Conference currently convening there, Adeso is also trying to make a difference in Durduri and in other coastal communities in Somalia.

Somalia has the longest coast in continental Africa. It’s coastal habitats are critical for ecology, livelihoods, food security, trade and culture. Climate Change is not the only negative factor involve.  Cutting native trees to produce charcoal has led to deforestation. And deforestation causes soil erosion and increased water runoff. Restoring native trees is imperative to stabilize the coastal ecosystem and to improve food security. We want to thank Global Wildlife Conservation (now called Re:wild) and Blue Ventures for funding these important coastal restoration projects.

At Adeso, we believe that change starts with us. It is activities like planting mangroves done by Fadumo and her community members that bring the change. If we all work together as a community and have the same goal of saving our environment, then change can happen.