It’s time for funders to step up, stand with, and support those seeding change

by Bruce Davidson in Alliance Magazine

29 May 2024


“While we might be small compared to other funding organizations, we’re steadfast in our belief that we all have a role to play, both in modeling the change we want to see, and as funders, in funding and amplifying the change required. The stark reality is that funders need to step up, stand with, and support those seeding and nurturing new ways of being, doing, and deciding. If funders fail to fund different routes to change and fail to fund opportunities for the routes to come together, then we will lose energy and find ourselves forever talking and never transforming,” – a quote from Bruce Davidson, the Chair of the H&S Davidson Trust.

“This is why as part of our commitment to #RID, we’re making four positive pathways grants to Pledge for Change, ADD International, Fair Funding Solutions and the Inclusion Fund. More information can be found here. These initiatives and organisations are all working to identify the system we want and showing ways to obtain it. As noted by Kate Moger, Global Director of Pledge for Change, this is about ‘sharing a mutual commitment to building a stronger ecosystem based on the principles of solidarity, humility, equality, and self-determination.’ We hope our grants can support and amplify positive pathways so that others can see them, follow them, or adapt them for their transformation purposes. “

We thank Bruce Davidson and the H&S Davidson Trust for this advocacy piece in Alliance magazine and for the catalytic role they are playing for funders to fund differently.  H&S Davidson Trust is a funder Supporter of the Pledge for Change.


Read entire article in Alliance Magazine here.