Adeso seeks to support the creation of infrastructure that increases funding opportunities for local CSOs in the Global South, as well as facilitates systems change.


KujaLink is a vital new piece of infrastructure, an online platform, connecting civil society organizations in the Global South to funders around the world. KujaLink takes important processes with existing solutions and combines them where the whole is greater than the sum of parts and brings these services to a population that is historically underserved and excluded. The word “kuja” means ‘to come’ in Swahili – come link together on KujaLink.

Adeso, in partnership with, has developed a pilot version of the KujaLink platform. We are currently working with a limited set of users to develop and test the pilot; by Summer 2022 we will expand both the feature set of the platform and our user group in preparation for a public launch in 2023. In addition to making connections, these users will help improve the existing features of the site as well as help us develop new features which support due diligence and matchmaking. If you are interested in finding out more, please fill out this form HERE and we will be in touch.


CORE is a management services company, that will transform CSOs in the Global South from being perceived as ‘risky’ to trusted partners within a short timeframe. CORE gives these CSOs the opportunity to outsource their compliance and control systems, such as operations, finance, human resources, and other administrative processes. CORE will provide services that are standardized and that meet the due diligence requirements of the most common donors; ensuring that all policies and procedures meet the threshold for the most stringent donor rules and regulations.