Mama Muna in her confectionery

In our recent GFFO Cash Transfer project, Adeso has supported 2000 most vulnerable households from villages of Bari and Nugaal regions of Puntland, Somalia. The project entails three months of multipurpose cash transfers of $85 per month to the most at-risk groups. These groups are mainly child-headed households, women-headed households, IDPs, refugees, and agro-pastoralists. It is amongst these households that we met Mama Muna.

Mama Muna lives in the Burtinle district with her husband and soon-to-be eight children. The family survived on small incentives that Muna’s husband received from his daily wages in Burtinle town. Muna also supported her husband by doing household cleaning in town. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the preventive measures that come with it, they both lost their jobs and were forced to stay home. But the situation got much worse with the drought that struck the region. Luckily, things changed when Muna was selected to be among the beneficiaries for the GFFO Cash transfer project in October 2020.

She received $85 dollars for three consecutive months totalling $255. With the money, she explained that she bought two goats; $50 and $55 respectively. She also bought some goods such as popsicles, sweets, biscuits, chocolate, etc for her small confectionery.

“At least the goats provide my family with milk every day and I am happy to sell in my confectionery that in turn provide at least two meals for my family,” said Muna smiling. Muna is very grateful for the support given by Adeso. She shares that it empowers her family to recover from any crisis that may arise and forge forward to live another day.

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much- Helen Keller