Suad and her family recieved a cash grant of 200 dollars from Adeso to cushion her hamily against the shocks of the drought

Over the past two weeks drought stricken areas in Somalia and Somaliland have received rain but in most pastoral areas it has been poor and too late to relieve families in crisis.  In the hardest hit areas, trucked-in water remains the main water source.

The cost of water remains high and with limited availability of sale able livestock, families continue to struggle to meet their food and water needs.  As a result of livestock deaths, milk and meat, the main source of nutrition and income for pastoral families, is low or non-existent and families are struggling to cope.

The drought has affected more than 200,000 people in areas where Adeso works in Somalia and Somaliland.  As much as 75% of the affected population does not have access to resources to purchase food. Children are among the worst affected. 50,000 children are at risk of death.

Need for humanitarian assistance

As a grassroots organization Adeso has been on the ground responding.  Thanks in part to the generous support of YOU, our partners. Adeso has been able to provide families with cash transfers of $200 to help families meet their basic needs. Cash transfers cushion families from the immediate effects and shocks of the drought.

What you can do

Our work to help families survive and begin to rebuild has only just started. With your help we could do even more.  Follow the links below to make your donation today.