People talk about building a movement – it’s already here

by Kate Moger in a blog on the Global Fund for Community Foundation’s website reflecting on the Shift the Power movement

“My sense from speaking to INGO colleagues is that they don’t see themselves as part of the ShiftThePower movement. They see themselves as a target of advocacy, but they don’t see the movement as being their home. This is symptomatic of a broader malaise in the INGO sector…”


A new perspective: From INGO roles to Pledge for Change

Kate Moger, Pledge for Change

“I joined Adeso and started my role in the Pledge for Change in July 2023, having spent 20 years working in large international NGOs. It was exciting and baffling to discover that I’d spent 20 years in humanitarian and development contexts and had such little contact with civil society movements that make up the #ShiftThePower movement.”

“This part of the development ecosystem was very new to me – and my first reflection, both from the weaving conversations and attending the #ShiftThePower Global Summit – was what a vast array of wisdom, vision and ambition there is out there.”



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