Somali born actor and Oscar nominee Barkhad Abdi has taken on a new role, this time as a Goodwill Ambassador for Adeso, an African humanitarian and development organization.

As Goodwill Ambassador, the co-star of Hollywood blockbuster Captain Phillips will help create awareness and promote Adeso’s programs to the general public. He will highlight issues that affect Somali youth and other marginalized groups, including remittances and illegal fishing, and help garner support for initiatives that address these issues.

When accepting his new role, Barkhad Abdi said

“I’m proud to be able to partner with Adeso. I’ve been lucky – living the American dream as they say – and I want to give back to my country. My role as Goodwill Ambassador will allow me to be part of the change that we all yearn to see in Somalia. I will be working hand-in-hand with Adeso to help communities create a better life for themselves. Adeso, through its projects, has been providing cash grants, training and skills, so that people can earn a living and feed their families. With Adeso, I want to tell a different story of Somalia, one that goes beyond piracy and conflict to a narrative that reflects optimism and hope.”

Founded in 1991, Adeso is a humanitarian and development organization committed to an Africa
that is not dependent on aid but on the resourcefulness and capabilities of its people. The organization works at the roots of African communities to create environments in which they can thrive. Adeso currently has projects in Kenya, Somalia, and South Sudan, and is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya

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