Taking risks and innovating is our role, now the wider sector must reap the rewards

by Alex Gray, Center for Disaster Philanthropy, in ALNAP – Read full article here.


“Philanthropy has a unique role to play in enabling new and innovative practices to take hold within the broader aid ecosystem. But trying something new and innovative requires taking risks and learning from them.”

One such example is Adeso’s social enterprise, Durdur Water Enterprise, in Somalia. CDP, along with funders such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Comic Relief and the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation all supported Adeso to build the infrastructure from the ground up to provide clean, affordable, reliable, and long-term water solutions for rural Somalia.

Adeso says it is ‘proud that Durdur Water Enterprise is truly community-driven, and it is an example of locally-led development in action. Hundreds – soon to be thousands – of households in Somalia have piped, clean drinking water in their homes. Durdur is truly disrupting the system’.

Where there would otherwise be a lack of investment in testing out and learning new ways of working within the humanitarian system, philanthropy can be that initial spark and funding engine.

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