21 December 2022


Adeso’s Water Enterprise Initiative Roars into Life


BADHAN, SOMALIA: Adeso is proud to inform you that the process towards establishing a vibrant water enterprise initiative has successfully commenced. 

Somalia has been facing serious water access challenges owing to prolonged periods of drought. Badhan is one of the worst drought-affected areas in Somalia. Its community relies solely on water-truck operators. These water tankers are charging up to $8 per barrel for drinking water. Those who can afford these highly inflated prices are facing waiting times of more than 24 hours. The water is collected from wells located more than 30 kilometres outside of Badhan. Water trucks have to queue up and sometimes wait more than 24 hours to be filled. 

Adeso has been working tirelessly to find a sustainable solution to improve access to quality water to vulnerable communities in the most drought prone regions.  

We are excited to update you that we have successfully launched Durdur Water Enterprise. It’s aim of providing quality and affordable water to communities in Somalia! Thank you so much for your generous and kind support as we embarked on this venture together.

This month we are celebrating not only the arrival of the new highly sophisticated borehole drilling machinery in Somalia but also the finding of water in the first few days! Drilling of boreholes successfully commenced last week, reaching aquifers 200 meters down and beyond.  

Communities in Somalia are already celebrating with women and children coming over to witness the ground-breaking drilling exercises. 

Local school visits Water Enterprise upon news of Adeso finding water.  Photo courtesy of Adeso.

Over the next month, Adeso will be strengthening this investment through value addition including piping the water for convenient access by communities. 

Thank you for your continued support to Adeso in our quest to develop alternative and sustainable solutions to the challenges that communities in Somalia confront.

Here is a short video clip that shows highlights of our first drilling tests in Somalia. 

In gratitude,

The Adeso Team