Adeso advocates for reform of the humanitarian and development system and develops new system level solutions to address some of the challenges to supporting and resourcing civil society organizations.

Joining initiatives such as NEAR and Pledge for Change  KujaLink and CORE are two of the new solutions Adeso has launched to help address this major resourcing gap for local and national organizations.


KujaLink is a vital piece of infrastructure, an online platform, connecting civil society organizations in countries receiving development and humanitarian assistance to funders around the world. Improved connections made on the platform will lead to the increased direct transfer of resources and support to organizations to meet the most pressing humanitarian and development needs in their communities.

‘Kuja’ is a Swahili word that means “to come” and the concept resonates with funders and CSOs who prioritize coming together to support the communities in which they work. KujaLink makes it easier for funders and organizations to find each other, successfully navigate the due diligence process, and collaborate on funding activities.

For more information on KujaLink please visit the platform ( or e-mail the team at


CORE is a management services company that will transform civil society organizations (CSOs) in the Global South from being perceived as ‘risky’ to trusted partners within a short timeframe. CORE gives these CSOs the opportunity to outsource their compliance and control systems, such as operations, finance, human resources, and other administrative processes. CORE will provide services that are standardized and that meet the due diligence requirements of the most common donors, ensuring that all policies and procedures meet the threshold for the most stringent donor rules and regulations.

CORE services help remove the compliance hurdle that donors state is keeping them from truly partnering with and shifting power to CSOs in the Global South, enabling them to meet and exceed their Grand Bargain commitments

By partnering with CORE, CSOs in the Global South can improve their back-office capacities in a sustainable and cost-effective way by sharing resources with other CSOs, so that they can focus on their work of serving their communities.

CORE has received seed funding from some of Adeso’s generous partners for the 2022/2023 year. Currently, Adeso is in the process of a feasibility study and market analysis so that we can pilot and launch CORE in 2023.

To learn more about CORE please email

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