Adeso advocates for reform of the humanitarian aid and development system and develops new system level solutions to address some of the challenges to supporting and resourcing civil society organizations.

Joining initiatives such as NEAR, and Pledge for Change, KujaLink and CORE are two of the new solutions Adeso has launched to help address this major resourcing gap for local and national organizations.


The Problem: There is a lack of visibility and connection between civil society organizations and funders.

The Solution: KujaLink is Adeso’s online platform solution, leveraging technology to raise the visibility and credibility of local and national civil society organizations (CSOs) and directly connecting them to funders around the world.

KujaLink is a vital piece of infrastructure, an online platform, connecting civil society organizations in countries receiving development and humanitarian assistance to funders around the world. Improved connections made on the platform will lead to the increased direct transfer of resources and support to organizations to meet the most pressing humanitarian and development needs in their communities.

‘Kuja’ is a Swahili word that means “to come” and the concept resonates with funders and CSOs who prioritize coming together to support the communities in which they work. KujaLink makes it easier for funders and organizations to find each other, successfully navigate the due diligence process, and collaborate on funding activities.

For more information on KujaLink please visit the platform ( or e-mail the team at


The Problem: The biggest hurdle to direct funding of local civil society organizations (CSOs) in the Global South is perceived risk associated with the lack of compliance and due diligence systems that are needed to meet donor requirements.

The Solution: CORE, a management services social enterprise created by Adeso, where CSOs can outsource two types of services: back-office services such as procurement, payroll, and compliance, as well as strategic functions such as grant management, fundraising and organizational management.


CORE is a management services company that will transform civil society organizations (CSOs) in the Global South from being perceived as ‘risky’ to trusted partners within a short timeframe.

CORE addresses the biggest obstacles faced by local civil society organizations globally – limited direct and flexible funding.

  1. Outsourced Operational Services – enabling local organizations access to direct core funding.
  2. Strategic Advising – shaping core business decisions and shifting humanitarian culture. 
  3. Online Learning & Development – building individual skills and knowledge, addressing biases, and changing minds.

By partnering with CORE, CSOs in the Global South can improve their back-office capacities in a sustainable and cost-effective way by sharing resources with other CSOs, so that they can focus on their work of serving their communities.

To learn more about CORE please email

Proximate Fund for Africa


The Problem: There are real challenges to getting funds to the world’s first responders and last mile organizations. With goals of funding going more directly to the people closest to the world’s most pressing challenges, we have yet to see significant, catalytic funds – and the decision making process that guides them – shift to local civil society organizations in the global south.

The Solution: Philanthropy can be part of the solution. Adeso is currently in the planning stages to co-launch a global north / global south philanthropic collaborative focused on equity-lens philanthropy that drives proximate funding at scale. This collaborative will design and build the necessary mechanisms that are needed to move philanthropic funds, plus the governing infrastructure, closer to the global south.


Proximate Fund Goals

Scale proximate funding to local communities: Building on the success of collaborative funding mechanisms such as Co-Impact and the Audacious Project, our goal is to scale proximate funding to the African continent. Co-creating a global north / global south collaborative that will drive systems change in bringing philanthropic dollars and decision making closer to the global south.

Help build the infrastructure for pooled fund re-granting: We will work with existing civil society funds on the continent to develop this collaborative funding mechanism, with the governance structures and grant decision-making embedded within the African continent.

Inspire intergenerational philanthropy to give more proximately: Within the next decade, we will see a significant intergenerational transfer of wealth. We will inspire and unite multi- generational family members to learn and invest together to bring about lasting locally-driven change.

Replicate Proximate Fund model throughout global south: If the Proximate Fund is successful on the African continent, the intention is to expand to include the regions of Asia, Latin American and Carribean, and the Middle East.

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