For over 30 years, Adeso’s work in Somalia has reached more than six million people throughout the country.

Adeso’s work in Somalia dares to reimagine and exemplify a decolonized model for the humanitarian aid and development sectors. Each initiative is centered in the community and builds off of our deep, historical roots in Somalia. We believe those most affected by the challenges that they face, must have the agency, power and resources to co-create the solutions needed to thrive.

Durdur Water Enterprise

WASH and Emergency Response

Environmentally Sustainable Solutions to Water Scarcity: Durdur Water Enterprise, a social enterprise startup in Somalia, to provide access to clean, affordable and reliable water as close to the community members as possible. Using innovative technology, Durdur’s business model is to drill boreholes, treat the water, and pipe a sustainable supply of clean water directly to households, schools, health clinics and businesses at below current market rates. With the revenue made from providing this affordable water service, Durdur’s team will replicate these water distribution accounts throughout rural Somalia.

Learn more about Durdur Water Enterprise from the video, press release and blog below:

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Saxansaxo - survivor and community led response (sclr)

Survivor and Community Led Crisis Response: Saxansaxo is the Somali name for Adeso’s survivor and community-led response (sclr) approach to humanitarian response. This approach aims to strengthen and scale up existing initiatives already started by community members through providing microgrants. The Saxansaxo initiative co-creates a new story that is powered by the values, vision, and resourcefulness of communities in Northern Somalia and co-designed to build on their capabilities and response to crises.


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