Adeso featured on BBC for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day

15 March 2024


Today, the 15th of March is Red Nose Day in the UK.

We are thrilled to announce that Adeso’s social enterprise, Durdur Water Enterprise, in Somalia, will be featured on BBC‘s Red Nose Day broadcast today!  Comic Relief has been a great partner for us as we build the infrastructure from the ground up to provide clean, affordable, reliable, and long-term water solutions for rural Somalia. We are proud that Durdur Water Enterprise is truly community-driven, and it is an example of locally-led development in action. Hundreds – soon to be thousands – of households in Somalia have piped, clean drinking water in their homes. Durdur is truly disrupting the system.  we are grateful to Comic Relief for helping us make this happen. 


Join the conversation on Friday, March 15th at 7 pm GMT to explore how we can:

Support community-led solutions: Invest in communities to drive their development through sustainable solutions by addressing the root causes of poverty, aligning with Adeso’s mission of fostering self-reliance and enabling people to thrive independently.

Promote cultural exchange: Move beyond a one-sided narrative. Uplift the voices and lived experiences of those directly impacted.

Advocate for systemic change: Work towards dismantling systems that perpetuate dependency and inequity, advocating for long-term solutions alongside direct funding.

Authentic Storytelling: Show people’s strength and amplify their stories by putting local people at the center of the story.

Support our work by making a donation to our Water Appeal here.