A rescue at a much needed time

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Ms. Dekha and one of Adeso’s staff at her business

Dekha Mohamud is a single mother who lives in Dangaroyo, Nugaal, Somalia. She provides for her six children through her small catering business which sells tea, milk, and small meals in her neighborhood.

Dekha is strong-willed and believes that she is very fortunate despite her circumstances. Having owned a small business, she is grateful for Adeso’s cash assistance where she was able to buy large amounts of food to prepare and sell thus make a living. She also was able to pay off a food loan so she can continue to buy food to prepare and sell. Five of Dekha’s children all attend school and Madrassa (Quran School) with the exception of the baby.

Prior to Adeso’s cash assistance, ensuring that her children get basic needs was difficult. She relied mainly on her business, which was not doing well. Fortunately, a new page of life begun for Dekha when she was included in the beneficiaries Adeso supported.

Dekha said she used 40$ out of the 70$ dollars given by Adeso for the first cycle to buy food for at least sustaining her family gets two meals a day. This ensured that her family received basic needs since she is the breadwinner of the family and restores her children’s happiness. She also used 20$ dollars of the remaining to pay her debts and the rest 10$ dollars to partially pay the fees for her schooling children. With the second cycle of the cash transfer, Dekha shared that she gained the courage to re-start her small business which she explained she closed a while ago due to the deteriorated situation of her family livings after her husband passed away. Dekha was also among the hygiene kits beneficiaries and received a COVID-19 kit where she was able to use with her family and for her business as well.

Ms. Dekha with her children

Dekha highly appreciates Adeso’s assistance and shared that this help has come at a much-needed time.