Cover image Risk of Relapse: Somalia Crisis Alert Actor Barkhad Abdi poses for a portrait during a photo opportunity for the film "Captain Phillips" in Los Angeles This Kenyan Girl Wants to Go to School - How will you help? South Sudan Nyamlel Kenya-130201-087

From Crisis to Catastrophe

South Sudan’s man-made crisis – and how the world must act now to prevent catastrophe in 2015.

Risk of relapse Call to Action: Somalia Crisis Alert Update

2.9 million Somalis are in humanitarian crisis - We are in a position now, to make a difference – as long as funds are available and flexible.

Actor Barkhad Abdi signs on as Adeso’s first Goodwill Ambassador

This Kenyan Girl Wants to Go to School – How will you help?

Adeso is competing in the GlobalGiving Open Challenge - help us reach more vulnerable communities in East Africa.

South Sudan Nyamlel

We work closely with local communities to rebuild local economies, focusing not only on immediate needs but also on long-term priorities.

North Eastern Kenya

We work with communities to improve access to safe drinking water and to promote good hygiene and sanitation practices.

126,510people helped through Cash for Work programs. The projects that people built and fixed helped their communities and regions–thousands upon thousands more.
580,466people assisted through direct cash grants, often in emergency settings.