Fishery Group receives grant

Meet Sudciya, the President of the Alla’amin Fishery Group. Alla’amin Fishery Group was recently awarded a small business grant through our coastal conservation project in Laasqoray.

Sudciya shared that she is very happy to see women receive financial support which helps improve their fishery businesses.

“We are happy to receive financial support and appreciate the Adeso team. We are businesswomen first where we would always buy fish at wholesale to cook and sell to communities. However, without a freezer or any cold container nearby our fish would rot and we would suffer loss. Since we received funds, we have been able to advance our cooking, storage and safely market our business.”

While the global pandemic has impacted coastal communities financially, climate change also poses a serious threat to coastal ecosystems and communities in Northern Somalia. Drastic weather events are occurring with increasing frequency.  Droughts are becoming chronic and more protracted. Climate change is disrupting ecosystems and destabilizing livelihoods.  And people are left with little choice but to engage in environmentally harmful coping mechanisms, such as overfishing, that only further deteriorates their coastal ecosystems.

Since 2015, Adeso has been implementing the coastal conservation program: Climate Action & Habitat Restoration Program (CAHR) in Sool and Sanaag Regions of Somalia, with the support of re:wild (formerly Global Wildlife Conservation) and our new partners this year, Blue Ventures. In this last round of dismemberment, we were able to give a variety of grants to local fishery associations, local farming associations, as well as small businesses. At Adeso,, we want people to feel empowered by creating their own initiatives that work for them.