Elizabeth Lomurien and Elizabeth Ewoi are members of Napuu Women Broom Makers' Self Help Group in Turkana County, Kenya. They each make between three to five brooms every two weeks. Photo credit: Janet Adongo. ©Adeso 

We work with people to meet challenges with community led and community-owned solutions

WE BELIEVE IT IS THIS APPROACH THAT WILL TAKE AFRICA, with its traditions and its innovation, to an era of prosperity, dignity and self-sufficiency. 

Reinvigorating Economies

A strong community needs a strong local economy. We work to strengthen local economies and protect communities from future shocks. Find out more

Our Impact 


In 2014, working with our generous supporters we helped nearly 1.9 million people in Kenya, Somalia, and South Sudan.  Find out more 

Developing Skills 


Through formal and informal education and skills training, we give young people and adults the skills and knowledge they need to lead more productive and self-sufficient lives. Find out more

Humanitarian Aid


We respond promptly and efficiently to people’s most urgent needs, very often using cash transfers - a form of aid we pioneered in East Africa. We help people meet their food security and water needs, and support communities’ safe sanitation and hygiene practices. Find out more

Advocating for Communities

We advocate on behalf of the communities we work with, giving them a voice on a local and international stage, and ensuring their interests and concerns are considered at the highest level. Find out more

Where We Work


Adeso currently works throughout Kenya, Somalia and South Sudan. While our office headquarters are in Nairobi, Kenya, we have field teams and office located strategically throughout these three countries, as well as a liaison offices in Washington, DC, USA. 
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