Cash Transfer Training Courses

Cash transfers are slowly becoming a tool of choice for humanitarian agencies. They represent a power shift – from the agency to the beneficiary – and for many organizations, this can take time to understand.

We play a leadership role in the area of cash transfers, and advocate for their use among humanitarian players.

For over ten years, Adeso has been delivering cash trainings internally and externally to humanitarian actors with great success. The impact of many other previous cash guidelines and cash trainings has been restricted by a largely theoretical approach, which is no substitute for practical experience.

Adeso brings a decade of practical cash programming knowledge from its programs in Somalia, South Sudan and Northern Kenya. Through its flagship ‘Cash Response Capacity Building’ project, Adeso has trained over 350 aid workers across 8 countries in Africa to achieve high quality results using cash transfer modalities through training approaches that are firmly rooted in the practicalities and challenges of implementing cash based programs in complex humanitarian crises.

Now, Adeso with the help of an expert training consultant seeks to facilitate a phase out strategy by conducting Training of Trainers (ToTs) throughout Africa in French and English languages. These trainings will take place in West, East, Central and Southern Africa. 

Training of Trainers

The ToTs are an opportunity for UN, NGOs, and CBOs staff to become trainers of cash based responses and to engage in practical approaches of cash programming in their day-to-day contexts.

Field practitioners/managers and program designers who have undertaken cash training at agency level, by Adeso, CaLP or the IFRC are encouraged to attend. Stay tuned for more information on dates and sign-up process in the coming month.

If you are interested in participating in one of these trainings, please get in touch with us at for more information.