Meet Ahmed, and Learn About his Successful Farm

Published April 17, 2015 by Anne-Marie Schryer-Roy

Ahmed Ali Yussuf used to be pastoralist in Puntland, Somalia. But then a series of successive droughts made it difficult for him to find enough grazing land for his animals, and continue providing for his family. As the droughts got worse, his livestock began to die and he sought work at the coast.

When that didn’t work out, he took up farming as an experiment, to see if he could get something out of the region’s bare land. The first few years were hard, and his family often went without enough food. Malnutrition led to health problems, and there were times, he says, when they didn’t have enough money to see a doctor.

Life is completely different now. Although Ahmed used to spend $60 a month on kerosene for the motor that irrigated his farm, he now relies on a solar powered water pump provided by Adeso, and is saving money for his farm.

“You can easily earn a living off the land, without looking elsewhere,” he explains. “One can take this land which looks like desert, dig a well, and transform the land into a prosperous farm, just like the one we are standing in today.”

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