A Promising Future for Sahra in the Middle of Tough Times

Published June 22, 2015 by Gullet Bille Mohammed

Mrs Zahra serving a Customer in Farjano open air market in Afmadow; Lower Juba, SomaliaMrs Zahra serving a Customer in Farjano open air market in Afmadow; Lower Juba, Somalia

Mrs Sahra Abdullahi Olow lives in Fanole village of Afmadow town, in Somalia. She is a mother and household head to a family of eight and also is a beneficiary of the Cash Assistance and Recovery Support Project (CARSP) which is currently being implemented by Adeso and funded by USAID in Lower Juba region, South Somalia. Mrs Sahara created new means of income-generation to sustain her family following receipt of five successive payments of US$ 60 per month from Adeso through CARSP.

After purchasing the essential family needs like food and water, and clearing most of her debts with the first three payments of the project, Mrs Sahra saved 100USD from the fourth and fifth cycles to start selling milk in an open air market. She is one among a number of women who do not have a safe place from which to sell their milk. Instead, Sahara spends the day selling her milk under a scorching sun. Mrs Sahra makes a profit of 70,000 Somali shillings which is equivalent to US$3.5 a day, and therefore anticipates that her profit will accrue US$ 100 USD a month. She uses the profit to meet essential family needs and topping up her business.

Before the project, Sahara used to feed her family the little money she received from washing clothes, which could not sustain a family of eight. But now, life is different. With regular monthly cash payment of US$60, and the small profit she is making from selling milk, she is able to buy enough food for her family, pay rent and send the children to school.

Mrs Sahra is very much encouraged that she will sustain her family comfortably: 

“This project has contributed enormously to the resilience of my family, by creating a new means of income for me. I will soon be able to nourish and educate my children,” said Mrs Zahra thanking USAID and Adeso for restoring her hope and helping to build her future.