Hero REGAL-IR driver rescues passengers from marooned vehicle in Bulesa Village, Isiolo County

Godana Balla Godana aged 50, fondly known as "Commando" has been a driver with REGAL-IR for 2 years.

On a cool April morning this year, Godana was driving along the Merti –Isiolo highway to meet with REGAL-IR self-help groups in Bulesa Village, 200kms away from Isiolo town.  An important training activity had been planned for the day and he looked forward to making an early arrival.   

At 09:00 AM, he was making good time. Gradually, as he came to Godha River in Bulesa village, the traffic got heavier, and suddenly came to a standstill, “I thought there must be an accident,” said Godana.   

It was then he realized that the seasonal river had burst its banks and water was rushing downhill hard and fast.  A vehicle had been marooned in the middle of the river.  Inside, sat four terrified passengers.

The local residents stood at the shores watching helplessly.

Two hours had already passed and there was no telling if the tide was going to subside.     

Spotting the danger, Godana pulled over and sprang into action.

Watch this video to see what happened next….

Dad-of-five, Godana has been a driver for the past 20 years.  He plays down this act saying, “I knew as soon as I saw it that something was wrong.  I didn’t even think about it, I just stopped to see if I could help in anyway.  The main thing was obviously making sure the passengers were alright”.

The truth is, REGAL-IR couldn’t do without people like Godana Balla – and all the other selfless men and women in the arid lands for their sense of community.  These are just some of the stories that inspire us every day.

We are proud of our unsung heroes in the field who see to it that our resilience building efforts are seamless and successful. 

We hope that this story inspires you too!

Kudos team REGAL-IR!