When we met Tume on the dusty terrain of Badassa Village, we were engrossed by the young girl’s story – which was full of struggles. Tume dropped out of school in class seven while her contemporaries had proceeded to the next level of education. She was forced to take care of her mother who was then unwell. Devastated by her predicament she knew she would end up as a housewife. When all her hope was gone, fortunately, she heard about the PYEI project, which was enrolling school dropouts in a non-formal education program which is run by Adeso.

Lady luck was on her side, as she was adopted into the program. Eventually, she managed to complete one year program and finally sat her KCPE exams in 2018. Later, she managed to enroll in a hairdressing course at Saku Vocational Training in Marsabit through the assistance of the County Government of Marsabit and Adeso.

Upon completion of the certificate course in hairdressing, Adeso provided her with the necessary tools required; which included: hair drier, blow drier, shaving machines, assorted hair products, assorted hair accessories, and furniture, to enable her to start a salon and practice the skills acquired.

Within no time, her salon was already on top gear and rolling. Despite the COVID19 pandemic, her salon has been a success story. The struggles she had is a story of the past. Tume has successfully been able to provide all the basic needs for her mother and family at home and still make a profit.

Tume attending to a client