Meet Isaack from Marsabit

Isaack, one of the beneficiaries who joined Adeso’s PYEI project back in 2018 and sat his KCPE exams. Determined to make it, he enrolled for a welding course at Saku Vocational Training in Marsabit through the assistance of the County Government of Marsabit and Adeso. Despite being a fresh graduate from Saku Vocational Training Center in Marsabit, Isaack is competing at the same level as the other welders in Diib Village.

Isaack on the job

In the small village where Isaack resides, the demand for steel products is increasing because quality timber is scarce and the prices very high. Therefore, Isaack opted to start his small welding business in the back yard of his parent’s home immediately after Adeso provided him with a welding machine, grinder, hand drill and a few black sheets.

Since starting the business in May, he has managed to design and make; 11 steel doors, 15 windows, 7 medium size beds, and on a daily basis he gets walk-in clients who require welding repairs on their motorbikes, bicycles and farm tools.

From the proceeds, Isaack is able to pay for all the electricity and supports the family. With the savings, he plans to expand his small business as demand increase and further his skills.