Said in front of the checkpoint set up by community members to prevent the charcoal trade in Sanaag Region, Somalia


Adeso leverages the lessons learned from our strong history of environmental conservation to implement programming that is participatory, sustainable, community-owned, and adequately nuanced to address the complexities of climate change, climate-related vulnerabilities, environmental sustainability, social needs and economic prospects.

Adeso also maintains close collaboration and partnerships with local community structures to guarantee efficient program implementation.

Sustainable Coastal Restoration

Adeso has been supporting coastal communities in Sool and Sanaag regions of Somalia to restore the health of coastal ecosystems, promote community ownership over environmental conversation, and find alternative and environmentally sustainable livelihoods.

Funded by the Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation, the Sustainable Coastal Restoration and Development for Somalia program has established Community Development Committes (CDCs) to serve as primary point of contact with the communities and as a focal point for the establishment of community-based associations for farming. Community Vulnerability Capacity Assessments (CVCA) then revealed the need for technologies to harvest more water, construction of small dams, food storage systems, farm fencing and increased fishing capacity. Informed by these assessments the project provided solar-powered water pumps and equipment to the Fishing Association while also continuing environmental awareness trainings and tree planting activities. The project also introduced indigenous, drought resistant plants, which are important to increase water retention. Furthermore, community members voluntarily assumed active roles in confronting the harmful charcoal trade, taking the critical step of banning the movement of charcoal through their village.

Adeso is now building on the successes of this program with support from Global Wildlife Conservation focused on community resilience to climatic shocks, environmental awareness via media campaigns and private sector engagement to promote conservation.

Natural Resource Management (NRM)

With an increase in natural disasters and climate-induced crises in Somalia and around the world, NRM and environmental conservation for fragile ecosystems remains a key priority for Adeso. Adeso’s NRM programming specifically emphasizes the co-creation of programs that are appropriate for communities and their environment. For instance, Adeso’s Your Environment is Your Life in Somalia, a four-year EU-funded project implemented in Puntland, was carried out by consulting with community members in various villages through open public meetings. As part of its activities, the program trained members of Village Environmental Committees (VEC) on environmental protection and land management, supporting them to develop rangeland management plans that identified all rangeland issues relevant in their respective communities.

Similarly, we utilized a Participatory Learning, Planning and Action (PLPA) approach to ensure community participation in our USAID-funded Resilience and Economic Growth in Arid Lands – Improving Resilience in Kenya (REGAL–IR) program in Kenya. This included developing Community Development Action Plans (CDAP) to promote sustainable use of natural resources and provide a strategic link between communities and the Government of Kenya, ultimately leading to the establishment of grazing committees for joint resource management and strengthening the capacity of customary institutions and community structures to manage their natural resources.