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Published May 11, 2012 – by Ubah Hamud

Adeso’s tie and dye skills training: the 1st batch is complete!


This February marked the end of the Alternative Livelihood Skills Trainings that started in September 2011.

The workload was immense but the outcome proved worthwhile. Our first batch of trainings consisted of Tie and Dye and Cooking and Nutrition lessons. As a part of the Social Safety Net project, the alternative livelihoods component allows participants an opportunity to study different skills which include but are not limited to: tie and dye, cooking and nutrition, masonry, electricity and tailoring. Why did we choose these skills? Well, before we began recruiting qualified trainers, we did an assessment to gauge what the marketable skills were in each village. The assessment provided important insight to us and the students, who eventually selected those skills which interested them most. Based on these selections, we recruited qualified trainers to teach the classes.

The Social Safety Net project is working in 11 villages in the Sanaag Region of northern Somalia—so far 56 beneficiaries have completed trainings and 150 are currently undergoing training. Our target is to train 500 beneficiaries by the end of the project. While we are still a long way from our goal, we are currently in the process of recruiting trainers for the remaining beneficiaries. The 56 graduates have completed trainings in Cooking & Nutrition and Tie and Dye.

Even as we celebrate the end of the first part of our program, we are excited for more beginnings. Now that they have completed trainings, we are preparing to distribute more funding to sustain the life of this important life skills program.

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