Your Environment Is Your Life

Puntland State of Somalia is a semi-arid region where livestock production constitutes most of the economy - over 60% of the population is sustained by pastoral livelihoods. 

Faral Kaslkal look at a gully formed due to the lack of vegetation and topsoil near his village of El-Waised some 50 kilometres south of Garowe in Puntland, Somalia. Adeso/ KAREL PRINSLOO.

The region has some of the highest levels of land degradation in the country , and recent analysis shows that tree cover reduced by an average of 2.8% per year between 2001 and 2006. Charcoal trading and unregulated settlements have also put a heavy strain on local woodland resources, making them more vulnerable to the effects of climate change. In recent years, gully erosion has destroyed important valleys creating deep gorges that often restrict mobility of both pastoralists and their animals. 

Our Approach

This is a four year project (2013 - 2017) funded by the European Union (EU) MDG Initiative for Somalia, that seeks to reduce hunger and food insecurity by improving rangeland conditions in the Puntland State of Somalia.

Adeso and CARE are co-implementing the project in close collaboration with Puntland's Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism (MoEWT), nomadic pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities and associations, and local women organizations. The initiative covers the regions of Sool, Sanaag, Bari, Mudug, Karkaar and Nugal. The initiative offers Puntland’s broader community - including pastoral families, urban households, IDPs, the business community and charcoal traders - the opportunity to collectively benefit from improved and sustainable rangeland resources, alternative energy sources and employment opportunities. 

Expected Outcomes

  • Result 1: Improved state of natural resources management. This initiative directly addresses the most severe cases of land degradation through Cash for Work projects that reclaim and rehabilitate eroded land and conserve soil and water in the affected watersheds. 
  • Result 2: Improved community capacity for natural resource management and conflict prevention. This initiative addresses the management of common resources (most specifically grazing land), and provides longer-term management support for erosion control, soil and water conservation and protection of forest resources.
  • Result 3: Alternative energy and income generating activities expanded. The initiative provides comprehensive support to reduce the urban demand for charcoal and minimize the impact of on-going charcoal production – and therefore protect forest resources in Puntland.
  • Result 4: A strengthened institutional and policy framework that involves the Ministry of Environment at central/decentralized levels and communities and supports more effective natural resource management. 

  Download the project brochure.