Cash Assistance provides Relief to Fadumo's Family

Published November 7, 2017 by CAPS Team

Fadumo and two of her children in their house in Badhan, Sanaag region August 2017


Before she became a beneficiary of Adeso's Cash Assistance Project for Somalia (CAPS) the forty-five-year-old Fadumo Ali Mohamed constantly worried about where their next meal is coming from. The mother of six doesn’t have the necessary skills or the asset to use in generating a steady income for her family.  This often meant choosing between sending her children to school and buying food. And a constant fear that the next meal can’t be counted on.

With a little assistance from relatives, Fadumo's family battled an abject poverty and lived one day at a time. Until a turning point. Six months ago Fadumo was selected by the Village Relief Committee in Badhan town of Sanaag region as one of the most vulnerable families that qualified for cash assistance. Fadumo has been receiving an amount of $168 ever since. For the first time in a long time, she didn’t have to worry about choosing food for her family over her children's education.

“The selection of my family came as a surprise.  The project support made a big difference on our lives. We could never relay of a monthly income before, so we always lived in an uncertainty about the future." She explained.

Every time she would receive the money, Fadumo would divide it into two parts. One part she would use to purchase food and pay for the education of two of her children and she would pay back her debts.

“I wasn’t able to send my children to school before. I could barely afford food with the little money that I would make from selling firewood that I collected from the outskirts of the town . The cash assistance helps me buy food and other important needs and pay for my children’s education. I wasn’t able to do this in the past." Said Fadumo with a sigh of relive.

CAPS is a USAID/OFDA funded initiative that is currently helping 6,590 households (46,130 people) of most vulnerable households in Sanaag, Mudug and Sool regions of Somalia. The entitlements that the project gives the beneficiaries offers them the choice to decide how to prioritize spending that money. Besides addressing their basic needs and paying school fees many beneficiaries use the cash to pay off previous debt and to start a small business that can help them make an income and lift themselves out of poverty.