150,000nomadic people have been reached by Camel Caravans, and more than 150 students have been involved.

Mission, Vision, Values


Our vision is of an Africa that is not dependent on aid, but on the resourcefulness and capabilities of its people.

Young boys smiling, Gok Machar, South Sudan


We work at the roots of communities to create environments in which Africans can thrive.


Efficiency – We do exactly what’s needed, where it’s needed. This often means breaking the mould and seeking community-driven solutions.

Humility – We don’t have all the answers. We know that listening is sometimes better than talking.

Collaboration – We work with our communities to co-create programs.

Interconnection – We recognize that our work is only as effective as the relationships we build and maintain.

Conviction – We do and say what’s needed, not necessarily what’s expected.